Friday, May 6, 2011

Well I think it's time...

"...that is a great album. I wish I had never heard it so I could hear it again for the first time."
As the revival of tours of 2 of my favoritist bands comes to formation this summer, it got me thinking about my constant and ongoing love affair with music and everything wrapped up in it- especially live music. There's nothing better than really feeling everything the band has to encompass. personally I love the small venues where you can be upclose and personal & really get to be almost part of the band. Bigger places are alright too but it's the little ones that I cherish & have the best memories and stories from. Can anyone believe that all this started out 3 decades ago- what?!?! How is it possible to even be able to write that?! My parents took me to my first show when I was three. Honestly I have absolutely no recollection of it just the snippets of memories and what I've been told over the years. My Dad was a big fan of Devo & that was my first show; actually I don't know if big fan is true to say but I decided that it is since he's no longer here to back up and defend any of what I say...First show that I really remember going with him to was the Clash. He was a bouncer a long time ago at the now gone Rat Club but I don't remember any of the bands that came thru there as most of them were usually local- man how I wish I could though.  I know he loved taping and recording shows so he could relive it and go back over & over to feel the experience again & again. Now that I'm older I completely get it- at the time I was like "ugh there he goes again with his dumb little tape recorder." Sometimes he actually used a video camera but the one that he had at the time which was state of the art at the time was heavy & didn't have the best audio on it. I have no idea what happened to any of that but I do think it'd be cool if I ever came across it. I think most of it though unfortunately got ruined or taped over. It amazes me that his incredible taste in music and listening and really feeling the music got passed along thru me- and I think in essence I'm attempting to do the same thing with my kids. I know at some point they will probably listen to crappy music and whatever is available as I now that it's bound to happen but I hope that they'll still want to turn on a Blind Melon tune or hum along with Soundgarden or whatever amazing talented musical gem that they might stumble across. I thought I'd throw those 2 artists in as those are the shows that I'm incredibly stoked to see this summer!!!
Well until time. See ya when I see ya readers....

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