Friday, May 27, 2011

school year is winding down

So the kidlets are in the last month of school. Due to all the dumb snow that we had piled upon us this winter, they shall be going 5 days past their expected end. I will remember when I'm complaining about how hot it it, how miserably cold it was especially into the later months when it should've been warmer and that my poor kiddies had to go to school later than they thought. I had my last reading volunteer day in the little lady's class. Myself and 2 other moms have been going in once a month to read a book & do a craft associated with the book for the school year. It's been a nice way to peek into what her world is like during the school day. One more field trip and a couple weeks of school and then she is done. The little man is almost finished with his first year of middle school. He made the transition well and I'm so proud of my honor student (like those cheesy bumper stickers say). My kids rock, that's all. This proud mama moment is brought to you. Ha ha.

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  1. Awesome! My girls will be out of school in a week.. They are both ready! You are a great mom for volunteering.