Saturday, May 7, 2011

So much music, so little time

I am making an effort to make an entry every day, we'll see how long I actually do this though...
I feel truly blessed to be able to go and see so many great amazing bands live. So far this year me and the mister have gone to 4 shows!!
This week has been back to back with it. Wednesday night we went to see Awol Nation (we've seen them twice now over the past month) and tonight we shall journey into Providence to see Interpol.
If you've never heard either of these bands, take the time to take a listen, you won't regret it.
The Awol Nation show was great!! It was so cool being on the guest list...I will dedicate an entire post just of my "review" of that show and the one we went to before it and whatnot when I get around to it. I will do it soon though while everything is still fresh in my mind and before the little nuances of memories begin to fade.
I cannot wait to see Interpol! I've been into their music since they first hit the scene. It says there are "special guests" playing with them, I'm interested to see who that will be.

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