Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shannon Hoon Vigil 2013

So I have completely slacked & never did write up anything about this past vigil...I just hadn't had the gusto to have the inspiration to do any writing but before more time had passed I wanted to say something about it. I shall just make most of this a visual blog post. Many of these pictures have been on other places but wanted them here as well.  A bit of time has passed & the memories are locked in my head & a bit fuzzy from the exact moment of it happening. In a nutshell- my flight went smoothly & as I got picked up the skies opened. My wonderous darling melon picked me up & we headed to the cemetery, it was just us with another great friend meeting us there. The Knickerbocker show on Friday was fun & then headed to the cemetery to hang out & sleep at some point. Saturday morning headed to breakfast at Denny's with a bunch of melons & our table kept expanding. I was the first to order & the last to get my food, that I'll always recall. The day of hanging out & spending time with wonderful people lead into the night of Saturday. Music and a lot of singing came throughout the entirety of it. Eventually there were lanterns lit & let out into the sky for Shannon. Nel told stories about Shannon & they were recorded. At a very insane hour of the wee morning of Sunday a bunch of us eventually went to sleep at the cemetery. Sunday we got woken up way too early & then after a needed shower, headed to breakfast/brunch. Checked into my hotel room & then headed back to the Knickerbocker for Vigilstock with a bunch of Melonheads. A late evening into the wee hours of Monday & a little bit of sleep at the hotel before a last visit to the cemetery before heading home on my flight.
When I went thru security I had a wonderful conversation with a security guard who noticed my vigil shirt. She said that her daughter who is now in her 30's used to be a pr person for bands coming thru Illinois I believe in the 90's & she recalled her talking about Blind Melon. It was just one of those moments that made me smile & of course I loved being able to talk openly about vigil & she had so many questions about it & we spent a good 20 minutes or so speaking about Shannon & the wonderful people that he's brought together. The security guard said it's amazing that even after all this time that he's gone that people are still celebrating him. It's pretty great if you ask me.