Thursday, December 29, 2011

This year is coming to an end

I've been quite the slacker with these posts. I figured I should make up for that and try to make a point of writing more often. This has been quite the years, ups & downs, live music, new friends. Such an interesting time of my life. 6 concerts in one year, not too shabby. Hanging out with many of them after the shows were grand as well. It has been a wonderous holiday celebrating this month. When I think about it, this year has been pretty spectacular. Great friends & music all rolled into one.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Evan's AwolNation essay- he got an A!!

April Fool’s in Providence
For my eleventh birthday my parents got me concert tickets to my first show to see a band called Awol Nation. My Mom and Dad are frequently going to see shows so I was thrilled to have them be able to bring me along. It was a cold drizzly day and night, and it happened to snow a little the night before. My Mom is a big Blind Melon fan, so she was excited that this band has the same guitar player, and is how she found out about this band and introduced it to me. Their music is so great. I rushed home from school and was excited to get to go to my first show! The afternoon went by so slowly. Finally, my Mom and Dad were getting ready so I went upstairs and got changed while we waited for my Grandmama to get home so she could baby sit my sister. When she got here, we all got into the car and picked up some fast food before hitting the road to drive to Providence.
We parked down the street from the Ruins where we were going to see the show. We got in really early because my Dad said he wanted to beat the traffic so that we would get there at a decent time and we ended up not getting stuck in any so we had some time to kill. As we walked down the street, I heard some music coming out of the back door- a Clash song, I want to learn how to play it on my bass, along with some other songs. We went over to Starbucks to sit for a little while since it was a bit too cold to stand around outside the club. So we all had warm drinks and finally decided it was time to get going to stand in line. When we got there, there were only a few people standing around. And then we saw that the line got really long. I’m glad we were able to get there so early. After what seemed like an eternity, this guy came out from inside and said they’d open the doors soon. I stood looking at the posters outside and me and my dad made up funny sayings for the people in them to pass the time. We were the first people in line. The doorman was asking for the people who were old enough for their id cards, he asked me if I was old enough too- we all laughed. Eventually they let us in.
The three of us took our coats off & we sat around waiting for the band that was opening to start. My parents forgot to bring earplugs so my Dad & I went and got some tissue to try to make our own ones. It was a good idea. One that my Mom does often when she goes to shows. We should all invest in some, especially if I continue going to concerts with them.
The first band that came on, Psycho Circus, was pretty good. They were a three-piece band of what looked like high school kids all playing together. The crowd was pretty energetic and they did a variety of original songs and some cover songs. There was that Clash song that we heard when we were walking by and a Weezer song. They finished up their set and then the guy from the radio station that was there came out to say Awol Nation was coming out. I was getting really excited. And so were the people around us.
My Mom made a spot for the three of us right in front of the stage on the left side. The keyboard player came out and was doing something on his laptop. It looked like maybe he was setting something up. The group around us got a bit more crowded and we were right up against the stage. The music started. It was so incredibly loud, our homemade earplugs only worked a little bit. My Mom loves to take pictures at concerts so she was going over to the other side of the stage to get some different pictures. I stayed over with my dad while she was busy taking them. She came back over to our spot and asked if I wanted to come with her to the other side of the stage, I said no, but oh how I wished that I had. Because as soon as my mom went back over this girl with flailing arms had completely taken over our spot and I was pushed up against my Dad and pretty much on top of him for the rest of the show to get away from her. Even though she kept bumping into me it was so great that I was inches away from the stage- so loud & great watching these musicians so close & in front of me.
The band said it was the bass player’s birthday, so we all sang to him. They played a lot of songs from their new c.d., in fact they may just have done all of them. When they finished playing, we got our stuff and me and my Dad headed to the bathroom. My Mom had stayed out in the club area waiting for us. My dad said he saw the drummer in the hallway and she said the rest of the band was probably back there too and suggested we head out back to see if we could meet them and get pictures taken. I was tired but I am so glad that she said to do that.

I got to meet the keyboard player, Kenny, and the bassist Rhino (his real name is David but I think Rhino is a better name). I wished him a Happy Birthday. I told them this was my first show, one of the guys said it was way cooler than his first show. Then we got to meet the lead singer, Aaron, and the guitar player, Christopher. My mom handed the camera to Rhino and he took a picture of me and my Mom & Dad with Aaron & Christopher. Then she took one of me & Rhino. He & I were talking about bass, and music stuff. I think I might’ve told him about the song I learned, I don’t really remember exactly what we talked about. Then I went over with my Mom & Dad to talk with Christopher. He asked me if I was up past my bed time and when I said yes he did a high five with me. We stood around in this hallway for a long time talking with Christopher. He & I also talked about music and again that this was my first show. And when he asked me how old I was I said ten. My mom corrected me, but I’d only been eleven for a couple days so it was still new to me. I think the rest of the band went into the club where there was more room but for some reason we continued to stand in this small narrow hallway.
So that was my most memorable event of the year, going to see Awol Nation and getting to hang out after the show with the band. I hope that they will play another all ages show so that I can see them again. It was one of the best birthday presents my parents ever got me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

rough draft

Although I am not the best artist, I try & have fun while doing so. This is my attempt of what I am going to add into my sketchbook. There'll be more added to it but I enjoyed this rough draft...

Friday, November 4, 2011

creativity for sketching

I figured that the beginning of inspiration of my sketchbook would be decorating the outside. So I got out my supplies & got some good tunes on and the magic came about...

And now to move onto the sketching on the inside...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

sketching to be added to the Brooklyn Art Library

Getting inspired to get going!!
The 4 of us- me, the mister & the kiddlets are all going to contribute something for this and make it a collaborative effort.
Time to get our artsy minds on!
Where to begin, there's so many ideas & so little time. Actually we have until January 31st to get it done.
We can alter it in anyway but need to have it be the original size & only 1" thick since it'll be travelling around and in the hands of many people.
I'm thinking about making a decoupage for the cover with tissue paper, yay for creativity!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Everyday above ground is a good one

Rest in Peace Richard Shannon Hoon. Your music has helped me with both light and dark times in my life. In tragedy and sadness, happiness comes through. From his music, I have made some of the closest friends, many of who I am proud to call my family.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

another little ditty of writing, it's been a good day for it

Stooped down over her pinewood table, Kathryn looks perplexed. The thoughts of her past swarm through her head while she realizes it might just be better sitting on the cushiony stool. Kathryn is a small stature woman who appears frail yet she has a strong and defined personality. She can be introverted although she tries to make it seem that's not the fact and she doesn't want to admit it. Kathryn attempts to get "chores" done around the cramped place where she resides, yet procrastination creeps into her brain and she continues being positioned on the stool. There are mounds of laundry (both dirty and just newly washed) all about and dirty dishes piled up in the sink, but she continues stewing over her thoughts.
She remembers high school like it was just yesterday, although, it was over 15 years ago. Over time, Kathryn’s memories and ideas from the past are glimpses of happiness yet sorrow all wrapped into one. Some instances are vividly clear, she has lost touch with most of the people she once spent so much time with and partied with constantly. Music on the radio sometimes makes her recall a certain moment- sometimes she is even brought to tears. She wants to reconnect with some of those old friends- what are they doing? Where are they now and what have they made of themselves? She has one of those vivid memories again- sitting on the floor upstairs engulfed in a room with smoke, not from a fire of course. She can see the faces of youth surrounding her for a moment, ah to be so young and irresponsible one more time.
She snaps back into the reality of the moment and realizes that she needs to go get ready for work. She doesn’t picture being a cashier for the rest of her life but for the moment it works and will pay the bills and stop the collection agents from constantly bombarding her with calls.
The melodic tune of Shannon Hoon is blaring in the background while she attempts to no longer procrastinate. Thoughts are playing her mind like the tracks flow out of her stereo system. Her eyes once again well up and she is frozen in the moment of a thought from college. Those were some amazing snippets of memories. Alcohol induced, friendly exchanges, and an attempt to actually get some work done.
She rushes around the 1000 sq foot room that is filled with more nostalgic items that she has collected throughout the years, sifting through the pile of clothing. She hates being late, it’s a good quality in her mind. She just squeaks by with a little time to get things accomplished. But, really sometimes, she just wishes that she could be lazy and hang out and do nothing. Although this is something that could get her in trouble, once not in the so far distance she used to do just that.

short story idea, just something I'm working on

Ryan & Kathryn were out & about in town going to see some friend’s concert & they ran into another friend who really resembled Henry Rollins but his name was really Flint. Kathryn kept wanting to call him Henry but knew well that wasn’t his name. The urge came on strong so she had to bite her lip whenever she said his name. They were taking pictures & all of a sudden a couple of her friends that are in a band appeared out of nowhere & jumped in the picture & have their arms around her and Ryan while she is squished in the middle. The guys say their going to record some new tracks at a secret location and will be back in a few minutes, she thinks this a short amount of time but at the same time it doesn’t seem to phase her. Flint hands Kathryn a pack of cigarettes & says he has to go too and waves at Ryan and they both nod their head. He takes off in the opposite direction. The tour bus is just sitting there idling with the door wide open- she turns to Ryan & whispers to him "we should get on." Without any words, they both give a wink and head up the steps onto the bus. They hide out on it way in the back & all of a sudden the door shuts & starts up. It is meticulously clean, like sparkling, not what you would expect from a rock band traveling around. All of a sudden the bus pulls up to a place neither Kathryn nor Ryan recognize & the door opens again so they nod at one another and both decide to get out. So the two of them climb off the bus & start to argue about something insignificant- pretty much yelling at this point when Kathryn sits down on the curb & lights a cigarette. One by one the guys from their friend’s band come out of a side building. The lead singer, bass player & keyboardist all smile & come over & say for to join them on the bus & that makes Kathryn giggle. The lead singer says he has to ask the driver first- he turns & whispers in her ear "I can't promise anything though" Then the drummer comes out & says he missed us at the show- Kathryn turned & said “ah damn I forgot about that.” Then she goes to turn to yell something out at Ryan when the guitarist comes out and looks right at Kathryn. The two both have big smiles on their faces. She blushes & winks at him continuing smoking & walking in between Ryan & him towards the bus. He is smoking a small cigar type thing & hands it to her & says it’s better than what Kathryn has. It tastes smooth & almost clove like- she turns toward him & he says it's tasty just like her. Then he winks & rubs her cheek- blushing & she accidentally drops it. They continue to the bus & all get on.

been a while

I've neglected to have any posts in over a month. It's been a writing slump. Really there's been nothing out of the norm or fascinating to write about so I just put this on the back burner. Until now, it's time to sit and let my thoughts pour out and enjoyed by others. It's been several months since I've been to any concerts- lack of funds and time tend to get in the way with that. Hopefully soon there'll be some live music in my life again. It fuels me and keeps me going. I have had some vivid strong dreams lately so maybe they'll be some inspiration for writing. The kids are good & in full swing of school, scouts & sports. The mister is still enjoying his job with the Audubon at the sanctuary. I am still unemployed & hopefully something amazing & incredible that brings me joy will fall into my lap- I am hopefull.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In life we ALL make mistakes and that is why this morning I woke up with this immense feeling of gratitude. I've made many, many mistakes in my life. And that is exactly why it's important to not dwell on them and to just learn from them and move forward in life. Why do I feel so grateful today? Because it is another day to wake up to (meaning I'm alive), the sun is shining and I am going to focus on the positive things in life. No room for negativity. Life is too short. Life is meant to be happy and to live.
On that note, I am wishing everyone in my life a day that is nothing less of fantabulous! ♥

Friday, September 2, 2011

beautiful people

weekend is a no-go for me

So unfortunately my trip got cancelled. My roadtrip companion got sick and there was no financially sound way for me to be able to get to go. So now I'll just spend the weekend listening to good music with the family...and we'll spend the time driving around travelling to some of our favorite spots that we haven't gotten the chance to as the summer sped by.

Friday, August 26, 2011

1 week til my adventure!!

Woot woot. Here here. It's just 1 week until I will be aboard my train headed for NJ to meet up with a fabulous Melonhead friend, Karen, to begin our adventure to pick up another fabulous friend, the founder of the fantastic Blind Melon Forum!! Then we'll continue onwards to Indiana for Rib Fest & then the next day to go to the Metro in Chicago to have wonderous good times with good friends & good music!! Hazzah!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

another month, another countdown begins

Excitedly I begin to get giddy again as in one month I'll travelling on a train to NJ to meet up with a wonderous Melon friend for our adventure to Indiana and Chicago! I am ecstatic!! I cannot wait to hear more great live music and spend some time with grand people. It is epic!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

happily persuing elation

I stumbled upon this after hearing about it.
Amazingly coincidental the first post on the page was to make something with your hands this week. Which is exactly what I am doing!! I am making some lovely presents for my friends- I started making them a while back but had procrastinated and had left it aside until the other day. I think it's pretty nifty. So I am making sure to set aside a time for happiness every day and will continue to do so often.

Friday, July 22, 2011

We all know what the number three is- Awolnation Paradise Club in Boston 7/14/11

I sat in anticipation throughout the day for this show.  My son had been listening to Megalithic Symphony all week so he decided that he'd sit & wrote/drew a letter to the guys in AwolNation for me to take. It was a very sweet thought for them - and we happened to listen to the CD for inspiration.
Eventually after a bit of waiting, my friend came to pick me up as I was her "hot date" for the evening. It's nice to have just a girl's night and be able to go see a band that I like so much (she dubbed me a super fan when I asked if she'd like to see them with me) with someone who appreciates music and also happens to dig this band.  So we got in the car and headed Northbound into the city chit chatting and listening to tunes.  We found a parking spot less than a block from the club and we decided to hop into a bar next to it. It is noisy & filled with business dressed people who have apparently finished work & need a drink.  We chose to leave after our drink and headed into the lounge area of the Paradise- I noticed right away that Awol's bus was parked outside.  The lounge was absolutely empty. So we were able to enjoy our drinks and our conversation (and notice when Aaron, AN lead singer, walked past us).  So after chatting for a bit we got our drinks put in plastic cups to be able to head up to the concert area. This side of the club is still pretty sparse as well when then people slowly begin to filter in.  We were chatting about stuff & were both amazed that this show still had tickets available for it- I mentioned to her that they're still a band that a lot of people haven't heard of unbelievably so we just happen to be part of a lucky group of people who have seen them since their small start as we can watch them rise. 
There were 2 bands opening up for AWOL. The first one, Redlight Kings, in my opinion was nothing really all that special but they were alright & it's nice to support a band that is just starting off.  As they were playing their set, I noticed Awol's keyboardist, Kenny, standing next to my friend and he filtered into the crowd almost incognito.  At one point I noticed Hayden, the drummer from Awol standing around as well. 
The second band, Bear Hands, was fabulous. They had a progressive, independent sound- despite the fact that their lead singer mumbled when he was talking to the crowd & introducing the band.  Also I always enjoy watching musicians who mix it up and play around with different instruments. Plus who doesn't love a band with maracas? Both bands had broken all their equipment down & I noticed Awol's roadie/stage guys come onto uncover the guys instruments, take the cover off the drums & reveal a new lit up sign of AN.  The guys walk on the stage and the set begins.
CT smiles and turns to shake a handfull of the people around him hands and then straps on his guitar.  At the end of the first song, he noticed I was standing in front and said "hey thanks for coming again" & shook my hand. First show I went to I only knew a small bunch of songs and not many of the words. Second show I went to I knew most of the songs but not all of the words. This time I around I've got all the songs down and know pretty much every word.  It was interesting to see the people who were there- I always love checking out to see the mesh of people who are into the music. Aaron got off the stage during Sail to sing in the middle of  the crowd and then hopped back on. Coolest moment of percussion was watching Aaron, Hayden & David (with a cowbell) all playing together. They ended the set with Aaron on the drums & Hayden with guitar for Knights of Shame. CT flicked one of picks toward the crowd but it didn't really bounce far so I picked it up off the stage. Excellent show definately. We headed outside through the back door eventually toward the front since that is where their bus was parked.  It had started drizzling.  David, the bass player, was the first one out.  As he was coming back out off the bus I turned to him & asked if he didn't mind signing some stuff & that I had a letter for him/the rest of the guys.  He was like "I remember you." Oh my I was thinking, yeah do you remember my drunken mess at the last Awol show?!  Then I wanted to make sure the rest of the guys saw it so he was gonna have me come in with him to get it to them. But the doors we were standing at were locked- we all laughed and said he wasn't going to get back in either. As he was going in, Hayden was coming out and soon the rest of the band was eventually as well so I decided to just stand outside.  I showed Hayden the letter and he said he was gonna put it on the bus so it didn't get ruined from the rain and so that the other guys would get a chance to see it as well. Then Christopher came out of the club- he turned to me & my friend and he was like "where did this rain come from?" My friend and I looked at each other and we're like it's New England, weather changes at the blink of an eye.  Plus it seems like every time Awol has done a show here it's rained.  So I was telling CT about the Melon show & how we didn't get a chance to get back in - he said he noticed us in the front row & had wondered why we hadn't hung out. I mentioned how he hit me in the head- he was like "with my hand" "no, with your guitar" He was apologetic, I said it was fine plus a cool story to share. I told him of my road trip plans for September and such. I told him the people I was travelling with and he said that our roadtrip trio is great and that it'll be some fun times and shows.  I mentioned how I was doing it without the mister or the kiddos, and he said that my husband must be pretty cool to let me go out on an adventure like that. Then I told him how there was a letter for him and the rest of the guys that he had to make sure to see. He got all excited and was like "well where is he tonight?" I was like well it's an 18+ show otherwise he'd be there.  He was like "oh yeah and he's just a little kid" and we both giggled.  I turned and was like "I have a bet from a melonhead friend that hopefully you can help me fullfill." He looked at me worried- my friend tried to reassure him that it wasn't crazy or strange or anything. "Can I wear your hat CT?" He was like "no, this is my hat plus if I let you wear it then everyone will want to wear it." He took it off, waved it at me and put it back on his head.  So then I turned back to him and I was like "well if you won't let me wear your hat, will you atleast take a picture with me?" That he was aggreable to.

As we had our arms around each other for the picture, I decided to get up the nerve to turn and whisper in his ear while my friend was adjusting everything to take the picture.  I moved a curl that was hanging from his hat away and whispered "So, what is the deal with your hat?" She took the picture.  He whispered back in my ear "It's special to me." I turned back again "Well, why is it special?" He whispers in a somewhat aggrevated tone "It's just a very special hat to me. It's MY hat." We then whispered back and forth for another few seconds and he then had his hand around my shoulder for another minute and until some other people started to talk to him as well. Honestly I was a little bit out of my body at this moment. Then they were trying to figure out how to take the picture to get all of them in it and he turned to them & pointed at me and said, "she's good at pictures, have her take it."  My hands were really shaky for some reason at this point. My friend stood for a picture with him and Aaron's girlfriend had walked by and tapped him and he turned to see her.  I turned and said "um excuse me but can you pay attention to me and MY camera thank you." The picture that we then took was great as he was very intently paying attention. After I took it he wanted to see it right away and said "SEE I can pay attention, so there."  There was another melon head that was standing next to me at the show & he went up to CT & asked if he'd be insulted to sign some melon stuff he had with him Christopher was like "insulted? no. flattered, yes." They were chatting and as that guy turned to leave CT turned to him and said "hey man, make sure to keep it between the ditches." It made me smile a mile wide. I joked and asked CT if he was planning on going to bed since he's old and can't keep up with these young musicians. We all laughed. He said no not going to bed yet first he was gonna read. I said "see you ARE old." He was like "No, I did that even when I was young-  go to the back of the bus in my bunk and read." I was fascinated by this. So I turned back to CT with a hand on my hip and said to him "Well if you won't let me wear your hat, atleast do something with me?" He turns and had this big cheesy grin on his face "What do you want me to let you wear my pants?!" I am completely thrown and didn't even know what to say. "Um wait, WHAT?! No?!" We both laughed. I turned and attempted to explain the whole planking phenomenon. I turned "can I plank with you?" He looked at me like I was completely nuts. "What the F**K is that?!" I covered my eyes to visualize how to tell him exactly what it was all the while he was looking at my intently trying to figure it out. He was like "I have to research that and well maybe I'll think about it. But that is just weird." He turned to talk to the other people hanging out there and was like see you in a month.
Then as we were heading towards the car my friend pointed out that Aaron was standing in front of the bus and we talked with him for a few. I told him he needs to inform his guitarist about what planking is. We laughed.  I told him on the bus was the letter/drawing from my son. He was like "oh yeah I saw that! What a great kid you got. He must've put some time into it." We hung out for a few minutes more - hopefully waiting for Kenny to come back out but he had just headed back into the club to shower so we didn't get a chance to see him. It was getting late and my friend had work early in the morning. All in all a very grand evening.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mohegan Sun Soundgarden show- July 6 2011

The mister & I wanted to make sure that we didn't get in traffic and also we weren't completely positive where we were going.  We left with more than enough time to travel to Connecticut.  The traffic actually wasn't too too bad and flowed pretty easily and he & I pulled into the parking lot with plenty of time to spare.  The mister & I entered in through some hallways & past the casino and onward following the signs toward the arena area.  Since we're fan club members, we had our tickets waiting for us at a designated box office window which I excitedly went up to. In my hand was our tickets and our purple Soundgarden bracelets.  We happily hopped into the fan club line- we both said how cool it was to be special and be able to have privileges & get in early.  Honestly there was really no reason that we needed to be there so early but just because we could was part of why we did.  We got to our seats & sorta settled in to try to see where we were gonna be. Honestly I was a bit disappointed with our seats, actually to be truthful when I got the envelope from will call and opened it I was pissed. I mean come on, I ordered our tickets the minute they went on pre-sale here on thefanclub site and we get side section 15 row Q - 17 rows off the floor. I thought for sure we would be on the floor.
But I got over it & the mister & I went to get drinks (I got this tasty Malibu drink that I was amazed came out of a tap) and got something to eat.
We watched the sound/stage people setting up for the opening band- Coheed & Cambria. Neither of us really cared about them opening but that is why it was nice that we had seats and could just hang out until Soundgarden hit the stage.
The crowd went wild when the guys came on the stage at 8:45!!

The sound was all over the place.  I'm assuming that it was the soundboard guys' fault.  One minute they sounded just right, then they would be loud, then not loud enough, then too much bass and drums.
The set list was amazing. I couldn't believe that a song about an Indian reservation (4th of July) was actually played on an Indian reservation.  Before they played Burden, it sounded like Chris started playing Head Down, which was a total tease. But they were heavy as hell, and really played to the what they wanted to. Chris said they'd be back around with new material and stuff they didn't get to play this time around. I will surely be there. I love when Chris was introducing the band everyone applauded & then Ben took the mic & said "And this is Christopher!"  At one point Chris told everyone to stand up- he then told the crowd how he told someone at another show to stand up & then realized they were in a wheelchair & he felt like an asshole & for people who can stand & don't are the just assholes. The mister & I turned to each other & said who would want to sit down during a Soundgarden show honestly, it just seems wrong. Also at one point Chris strapped on a guitar he said he had made for him 15 years ago to play with Soundgarden so he was excited to be able to finally use it. 

The backdrops and lighting were amazing! I kept tapping the mister's shoulder & giddily pointing stuff out to him. The sound on the other hand was ridiculously bad off and on- the guys were spectacular despite it. I couldn't believe when the sound dropped out of the giant monitors during Black Hole Sun, it was crazy. Complete silence followed by the expected crowd rumblings. But whatever, it was brief. However, the worst part for me was the screeching feedback coming from Chris' guitar throughout the entire show...and I don't mean the good kind. It was a high-pitched, annoying input jack issue that the sound guys couldn't resolve. They all seemed visibly angered by the crappy sound mix. Being where we were, I could see them backstage after the first set, which was preceded by Ben throwing his bass in the air and watching it crash to the floor offstage. It was very 90s and very awesome, but I couldn't tell if he did it out of anger or not. He did throw his arms up in the air a few times. Who can blame them? Mohegan's tickets were expensive, and the least they could do is have a competent sound guy who can handle a 4 piece band.
What an incredibly gracious musician, Chris kept thanking the crowd throughout the show. He said thank you fans for sticking with us and being around even 15 years later. Oh & what an amazing encore. At one point in the encore Chris said "We're just gonna keep playing."

Oh yeah, and the wall of feedback created by Kim, Ben, and Chris (which ended up being just Kim and Ben after Chris waved goodbye) at the end of Slaves made me feel like a teenager again, being young and in the heart of this new musical movement. It was awesome.

Set list from the show:
Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Black Rain
Let Me Drown
Jesus Christ Pose
Blow Up The Outside World
My Wave
The Day I Tried To Live
Ugly Truth
Fell On Black Days
Hunted Down
Rusty Cage
Beyond The Wheel
Burden In My Hand
Black Hole Sun
Room A Thousand Years Wide
Hands All Over
Face Pollution
4th of July
Like Suicide
Slaves & Bulldozers

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NY adventuring for Blind Melon at the Hiro Ballroom July 1 2011

We got the bags packed & double checked to make sure I had everything that we'd need on the Friday afternoon. We finally hit the road right about when I wanted to with the mister after gassing up the car & getting the GPS all set.  We stocked up on music and snacks and headed out on I-95.  The mister & I travelled smoothly with light traffic throughout RI and most of Connecticut.  As we were welcomed into that state, about half way through our drive, we took a short pit stop.  We continued onwards and then the traffic got heavy around Stamford- eventually then we saw the sign for New York, the Empire State. As we headed through the city and headed closer to the streets of where I had booked our room I began to get a knot in my stomach and had a gut bad feeling. Then eventually we turned the corner onto the street where the GPS said we had reached our destination- right into the middle of Chinatown.  We pulled up a little further to go park the Jeep into a garage - where they park your car for you! Now mind you we had just been driving for a little over four hours so all of my stuff was scattered about in the front seat and I was pretty unorganized but we both gathered our belongings (and made a quick mental check of what was inside the Jeep) and went to go check into the hotel. As we went up the stairs to the lobby, my stomach was feeling queasy. We checked in- and then headed to the room that was literally the size of a closet.
We dropped our things off in the room and headed out the door to go get on the subway- we both decided that leaving the car would probably be the best thing to do plus after driving for so long, it was a much needed break.  We got on the Metro, switched connections once & got off at the street right at the Hiro. We had been invited to go & meet up with some people before the show for drinks but both the mister decided to just get in line to wait to get in.  We hung around for a little bit & the butterflies in my stomach were starting to intensify.  Then all of a sudden we noticed that the crowd began moving & we got ushered in.  I handed the door guy our tickets & we got our hands stamped- without being carded, and neither did the couple of  melon heads behind us.  Then the group behind them all got stopped and asked to be ID'd.  Myself & the couple behind us said how it is actually nice to be carded from time to time.  We headed in & I noticed the merch table with some shirts & posters & whatnot & also the girlfriend of Travis the lead singer of Melon.  I turned to her & said, "Hey Tara, I'm Tara" and she was like nice to meet you. It was super dark in there- I don't think she realized who I was, nor does she really know me.  So the mister & I plopped ourselves down in front of the left hand side of the stage and waited in anticipation.
The Nico Blues came on the stage and rocked their set & played a bunch of great tunes.  My stomach had begun to do somersaults at this point.  While they were on the stage I see someone whirlwind past us & then realize that it's Travis! A big smile got on my face & couldn't disappear.  Nico Blues broke down their equipment and the stage was empty. A good New Jersey melon head friend, Karen, then showed up & the bunch of us standing together group hugged, such a great moment. All of a sudden CT & Brad come on the stage to tune & set up their pedals. People begin to applaud & scream- Christopher turns "We're just setting up, you can relax." Brad turned, smiled, waved & continued what he was doing.  Christopher tuned his guitars & mandolin for a few and started to put his set list on the floor, he then moved it to his amp- "everyone always steals my list during the shows." Then turned to us (looking right towards mine & the mister's direction) "Ok guys, see you in a little bit."  Time seemed to stand still at this point.  Rogers was the first to hit the stage, then Travis, Glen, Brad, and lastly Christopher.  The vibe of energy that came from the crowd and off from the guys was beyond anything that I've ever felt at any show.

I was snapping away pictures and it felt so amazing to be able to be there & sing along with the songs in person and to hear them live. There are amp issues off & on (dead battery, cord issues, etc). Also Travis was having major wardrobe malfunctions with his zipper as it kept falling down. He mentioned it at one point and fixed it as he noticed but then eventually it fell back down again.  All of a sudden during Drive I got grazed briefly by CT's guitar- I then had to duck him throughout the entirety of the show. I could feel the air off of Christopher & Brad's instruments while they were playing- there's nothing quite like it.  At one point I was just standing there with my mouth open in awe. Travis turned to the audience & asked if anyone had a kazoo- not one person did so then we all just had to sing along the part in Skinned & it came together so amazingly well.  He was like "wow you guys know how to improvise!" When Travis was putting on his guitar & CT was getting out his mandolin, I excitedly knew that it was time for "Change" which they said that they had a special guest for- Danny Clinch to play harmonica with them. I then noticed where he was looking into the audience- 2 people over from us!! He kept laughing when he noticed me ducking CT's guitar off & on. You could tell that Melon was having a great time on the stage, the guys were laughing & hugging each other- there was no tension nor angst or annomosity just 5 guys who love the music that they're playing. Travis turned to the crowd & said how he wished that Shannon could be there to be on the stage (I can't remember his exact words) and that he were in the audience but that it's amazing to be able to carry on the music. Then after that he was like "if I lose my voice I'll just take all of you on tour & have you sing the songs instead!!" No new music though, just all old tunes- although Wishing Well was on the list they skipped over it.  I hope at some point to be able for them to be able to play something off of "FMF" but I guess I'll just have to wait.  When Time was over, they jumped behind the stage for a few minutes and then came back out.  They were rushed to be done at a certain time so they ended up just playing 2 out of the 3 songs that were on the setlist (Mouthful ended up getting canned which is too bad because that would've been great to hear live as well).  The show ended & the lights went up and the guys got together in the middle of the stage with their arms around each other- Brad got the mic & says "Mr. Rogers Stevens, your presence is requested in the middle, immediately" everyone laughed. Then with that all 5 of them bowed. It was pretty great.  Then as each of them left, they shook hands. 
 Glen went over to his drum & grabbed his sticks- he turned to me & said "Here ya go" and gave me his drum stick & then he just chucked the other one and then shook my hand.  CT had thrown his pick off the stage -our friends behind us grabbed that & took the set list attached to CT's amp.  The show was then done & me & Karen headed towards the bathroom.  When we came out there was a lady who put soap in my hand & pointed out the body spray & she put some on me- Love Spell by Victoria Secret- everyone commented on how great I smelled (I decided right then that I would get some more when I got home).  Then I ran into a bunch of other various melon heads and we all headed outside. Then after attempting to find the band outside and some of the people needed a smoke,  we went to go back in- to then find out that there is no re-admittance. Ugh I was so mad! I tried to say I know the band, the bouncer was like "that's nice, you're still not getting in." Hey it was worth a shot. So we all decided to go grab a drink at the bar that was up above the Hiro.  We sat and enjoyed a beverage & the mister & I ordered a pizza which took forever to come.  The rest of the group was taking pictures & hanging outside while we sat at the bar.  There was a mix-up in the kitchen & it finally arrived.  We chatted & hung out & had a grand time (and finally got to eat our pizza).  Although I was a bit bummed that we weren't sitting & chatting with the guys in the band, it certainly was nice having time bonding with these people who have the same love for this amazing group of musicians.  Eventually we said our goodbyes (I said I'd see everyone again in September) & walked Karen back to the garage where her car was parked & hopped back on the subway.  After waiting forever for the right train to come for us, we finally got back to the hotel.  The mister & I watched a big crawly bug scurry past us on the stairs.  We knew that there was no way that we could spend the night there.  Also there were no windows in the room & when we shut the light off it was beyond pitch black, neither one of us would've been able to actually sleep.  So we amicably decided that we would go get back in the car, drive as far as we could on I-95 & then hit up a rest stop on the way home.  When we hit Connecticut we pulled into the rest stop right near where we had stopped on the way there & put the seats back & dozed off for a few hours.  We woke up & saw the sun rise & got back into Attleboro beating the traffic that we probably would have hit if we had stayed in the city like we had originally planned.  We got out, crawled into our comfortable bed & the mister & I decided that we would just sleep the day away. It was quite an adventure and a grand show!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

so much good music, so little time

This has been one epic month of live music & there's still more to come later on this week.
I promise that I will eventually sit down & write elaborate details of both the Blind Melon & Soundgarden shows (here are a few pics to tide you over). Now one more- Awol Nation and then my concert going will slow down a bit until September.

Friday, June 24, 2011

counting down & reconnecting with family

1 weeeekkkk! That's right 7 days until we're on our NY adventure. Woohooo!!!
And I woke up this morning from a message from an aunt on my dad's side of the family. Then I contacted an unlce & some cousins. It is amazing & also a bit overwhelming at the same time. It's a small world and it's great to connect with my family that I haven't had any contact with in a LONG time, over 2 decades. I have a wave of emotions. I'm just gonna ride the wave and enjoy it all.

Monday, June 20, 2011

anxiously awaiting both my mail & the NY show

So my bmbfl was at the Wisconsin show this weekend and she got CT to sign pics for me!!!!
I guess he only had 2 minutes when she searched him down.
I had printed out some pictures for her from the awol show to have him sign & sent them in the mail to her- to quote him from her "Oh of course I remember her, in fact I remember exactly when this was taken" he smiled widely & she said he was giggling.
I pretty much fell off my chair.
I'm sure he didn't mind that she was a drunken hot mess.
She asked to wear his hat but he wouldn't let her. Supposedly his hair was a mess. I think he was just holding out waiting for me to wear it. lmao!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


2 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 weeks. Oh my. Ok now I can continue on with the rest of my day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

happy day

Today has been quite a wonderous day.
Not quite sure what it is that has made it that way- nothing spectacular, maybe it's just the sun shining and the breeze sneaking it's way in thru my window that makes me appreciate the day.
Just having a grand good day and that upbeat swing in my step makes the smile on my face beam.


I found this through a friend and wanted to share it

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

all about counting down

"You are gonna be blown away, seriously blown away. The vibe in the room will be enough to paralyze all of your senses." This statement makes me giddy.
I am all about energy that comes from the performer and the crowd. I cannot even wait to go to this concert. I am anxiously awaiting it. I am pumped!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

8th grade was quite the year

          My father and I always had a close relationship prior to his death.  Despite the fact that he and my mother weren’t married anymore by the time I was nine, this didn’t do anything to our bond, nor sever the ties between us. In fact our connection became stronger as he made time for me, no matter what.   He taught me a lot, as he did with everyone who he encountered- he continuously made it a point to have you see a different way of thinking with life.  He was ahead of his time with many things- thoughts, music, technology, life- and that is why he was such a unique person.  He was full of compassion for others.  He always strived for honesty.  He spoke his mind and left no questions.  He often demanded respect and he gave it also.  He was extremely musically and artistically talented.  I will always be amazed by his extraordinary abilities.
I was thirteen years old when my father died.  I remember the last time visiting, standing in the sterile smelling hospital room, looking at his long drawn face with those hollow eyes staring at me in a daze.  Words mixed and jumbled – mind affected by dementia.  His health seemed to plummet drastically from the time he found out he has the disease from which he will eventually die.  His symptoms ranged from Tuberculosis to Hepatitis; he was HIV positive which then became full blown AIDS.  My father’s death is a misfortune in that he was only forty years old and it was a sad way for one to die.  His death was also a tragedy because of society’s closed-mind.  He was embarrassed to share with others what he was living with, and, unfortunately, when I was younger I often wouldn’t tell people what he died from.  Despite the awareness and education of this epidemic, there’s still arrogance and negative judgment towards AIDS.
When my father passed away, I was sad to think that he wasn't able to attend play/choral productions, graduations, my wedding, the birth of my children, or any other important event in my life. Even though he left this world physically, I always feel like he’s with me along the way, watching my every move.  I believe my father is proud of his daughter, seeing her grow into her adult years.
He is a very important person in my life.  I forever hold onto memories of joy and laughter.  He and I share some incredible moments together – Franklin Park Zoo, movies (Capitol Theater), music, a frustrating guitar lesson (the first and last), Porter Square shoe fiasco, comic books, chocolate milk, storytelling, Harvard Square, and hanging out.  One of my favorite things to share with him was my adventures from overnight summer camp.  He always sat listening intently, especially about my excursion on top of Mount Monadanock.   On top of Monadanock is where we spread his ashes – he was a mountain man and will always be.  All miss him, me especially, yet his memory continues on within everyone whose life he touched.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ups, downs, and smiling a mile wide

This year has been a series of ups and downs. The first few months were pretty trying- work being stagnant and very few hours to go around and 2 deaths of close people in my life it made me a very emotional person, even more than usual. Which if you know me, you know that that is a lot.  I was in a definite funk. I had lack of motivation and was amp to cry at anything that was thrown at me. Usually I can handle things better, but i just could not. It's not that I didn't want to, it was just very hard and trying at time.  Throw in a long winter with lack of sun and a stretch of cold, rainy dark days & nights made me have a serious case of the permanent gloomies.  But eventually the sun's return and my grief taking it's toll and getting through it, I became back to myself and beat the miserable moments and have started being steadily joyful.  Ups and downs are really what makes us all- when the "ups" are really "up" things are fantastic and great, but the lows and the down moments are sometimes unbearable to want to try to even overcome. Getting through it- really pushing through is what makes me realize that there is a lot to be truly grateful for.  Right now there are a lot of wonderful things that make me have a smile that doesn't want to go away.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The only regrets I have had in my life are the things that I've missed out on and couldn't experience.  So I've decided that this would no longer happen anymore and that I'd try to get the chance to do everything that I want to. There's a hand full of things that I sit and wonder how did I miss out on that?  If I can go back and change anything from my past, I wouldn't touch a thing.  Sure there are things I wish I had done or said differently but those experiences are what make me who I am now.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the countdown has begun

In exactly 1 month I'll be getting on the road with the mister heading into NY to see Blind Melon!!!!!! I'm just a wee bit excited if you couldn't tell. Oh who am I kidding I am superpumped!!! Woooooohoooo. And then a couple days later I get to see Soundgarden. Wow this is gonna be epic!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Writing from way back when...

Found this and felt like sharing...
Writing, thinking always, breathing nonstop, and smiling in-between.  My body is filled with passion for another.  An incredible feeling rushes through me – my heart beats quickly when I think of him and this passion, it feels like dropping down the first hill of a roller coaster.  The bottom of your stomach falls out, the adrenaline rushes and fills your veins.  I smile now as I think of his sun filled eyes.  He is filled with the love of all- love of art, words, being, life, me.  Wow, to write about someone else like you’ve known them for an eternity of life when in reality, only a fraction of time.  Quickness- some of the best things just happen.  The flow feels nice, natural.

Friday, May 27, 2011

school year is winding down

So the kidlets are in the last month of school. Due to all the dumb snow that we had piled upon us this winter, they shall be going 5 days past their expected end. I will remember when I'm complaining about how hot it it, how miserably cold it was especially into the later months when it should've been warmer and that my poor kiddies had to go to school later than they thought. I had my last reading volunteer day in the little lady's class. Myself and 2 other moms have been going in once a month to read a book & do a craft associated with the book for the school year. It's been a nice way to peek into what her world is like during the school day. One more field trip and a couple weeks of school and then she is done. The little man is almost finished with his first year of middle school. He made the transition well and I'm so proud of my honor student (like those cheesy bumper stickers say). My kids rock, that's all. This proud mama moment is brought to you. Ha ha.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

milestones come so quickly

So it's completely official, the little lady is a big kid. We took the training wheels off her bike & within 5 minutes she mastered it and was riding on her own. Then at dinner she poured her own drink. When did she become such a big kid?! It's not right I tell you. After dinner she begged the mister to go back out again so she could continue to ride. She only had one mishap of a wipe out which is pretty good. She's started practicing turning and she wants to ride bikes all over the place and she cannot wait for us to have our first big family bike ride this summer! Oh my...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday escapades

So my actual birthday was nice & relaxing. We had dinner & the kids & my mom got me a cake. Very tame and calm which is just fine.  Then the next day, Saturday, me and the little lady went to the annual school Spring Fair where she tried to win a cake in the cake walk, got her face painted, was made a balloon creation by a clown since she so patiently waited, rode a pony, and she planted a flower.  The sun finally was out after days of gloomy rainyness which was fantastic.  The little lady and I spent the rest of the day planting flowers and playing outside in the yard.  Eventually the mister and the little man returned home from a day of tree work.  The the kiddos went off with my mom while we got ready to head out.  Our plan at first was to just meet our friends (the couple who we met at the Interpol show) out and about but then they suggested we meet them at his apartment for drinks and karaoke along with some of their other friends.  This sounded like a grand idea to me.  I have never been one to say no to drunk karaoke. So we gassed up the Jeep and headed into the Hill of Providence.  His apartment is a gorgeous spacious old mill building- very cool.  After 3 glasses of wine and a few songs in, somehow it was thought that we should all do a shot of cherry brandy. Let me tell you that this was a horrible idea.  I'm pretty sure each one of us gagged. Blech!  After that we walked to the bar that was about a block away. Buzzed and blurry, I somehow managed to suck down my next drink which was pretty much all booze.  We drank until the lights went up, which was just that one drink. We decided to move on and needed to head back to his apartment to drive to the next place. Me and the mister hopped in the car with the 2 of them while the rest of the group headed off in the other car.  We parked the car & got out to discover the best find of the night- Poco Loco, Best Damn Taco Truck in Town! I seriously think it was the best soft chicken taco I have ever had in my life!  We enjoyed our tacos and some laughs and then entered the bar.  I had some sort of concoction drink- I cannot recall what it was but at the time it was buzz in a cup, I was feeling it by then.  Some of the group headed out and the four of us remained there.  At this point of the evening I was pretty much a drunken mess but still standing so I count that as a plus.  There was a tension between the two of them- tears and talk about something and I vaguely remember giving advice which is never good when you're as drunk as I was. Funny now, but probably not at the time. She just wanted to go home.  So we rushed to the car and the four us headed back- it was a tense ride. We said our goodbyes and headed home. I prayed to the porcelain gods and then passed out (I then found out the next day that sadly our friends broke up, I hope that they can still remain a friendship).

Friday, May 20, 2011

a whole bunch of nothing day is fabulous

It's my birthday. I jokingly capped off a few years ago & have successfully kept up with it. I still get carded so why not. Today has been a day of relaxation and lounging, the best way to spend my day of birth. The kiddos both gave me birthday kisses, my mom gave me some cash which is lovely and Shane brought home some pretty flowers for me to plant in our front yard. Not bad all and all. We don't have anything specific planned for today but tomorrow we shall celebrate along with some friends in Providence. I looked it up, there is infact a birthday cake martini, I do believe I will need to get one or however many I can have.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Some of these quotes made me think and I hope it will do the same for you.
“Life is the art of drawing without using an eraser.”
“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”-Thoreau
“Friendship is the only cement that can hold the world together.”
“Years wrinkle the skin, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” – Peale
“However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it names.  It is not as bad as you are.  It looks poorest when you are richest.  The faultfinder will find faults even in paradise.  Love your life as poor as it is.” – Thoreau
“To dream of the person you’d like to be is to waste the person you are.”
“Writing is like therapy.
Reaching down in there and expressing
Form of healing myself-
Intimate experience-
Pen to paper.”
“Incredible passion,
incredible desire,
incredible need, then love.”
“Give me love, give me hope, give me strength, give me someone to live for.”
“ I am intense, I am in need, I am in pain, I am in love.”
Love is when you look into someone's eyes, and suddenly, you go all the way inside, to their soul... and you both know, instantly.”
“This life has been a test. If this had been an actual life, you would have received instructions on where to go and what to do.”
“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow, to share with each other in all gladness, to be one with each other in the silent unspoken memories?”- George Eliot

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nocturnal brainwaves

~ here's the post that was misplaced when blogger was down...
My brain is on fire and overload lately.  I can’t stop thinking about ideas to write about, it’s fabulous.  For the first time in eons, I’ve gotten the urge to scribble out my passion of words.  Although, the steadiness is sometimes redundant, I still try to challenge my mind by keeping some type of sanity.

This rain's gotta stop sometime soon

So many people have come in and out through my lifetime. And it seems like time flies faster than ever before, as I continually grow older.  I’m not ready to give up my child-like nature, that's a constant. I’m inspired once more to scribe thoughts to share some type of insight.  I don’t wish for any of it to appear too grim but sometimes life is just that way. Waiting, I do that a lot lately.  I am scatterbrained and I don’t seem to know what sense to make of it all. Words filter in and out as usual, there’s a lot I want to release, but when I desire it to be here, it remains stuck.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just another thought

“There’s an old saying that the optimist sees a glass half full, the pessimist sees it half empty.  Everyday, things happen, good and bad.  We all enjoy the good things.  But the bad, the negative experiences, the hurt, the sorrow- how we react show what we’re really made of.”
At the young age of thirteen not only do I lose my father but also my best friend tragically dies in an accidental fire.  In order to deal with the loss and massive hardship of immense grief that is thrust upon me in such a short time, I begin my deep love with music and writing. It is a way to get a grasp on life and all that it encompasses. I delve deeply into both. Trying to get thoughts and ideas from the lyrics that soak their way into my head, I pour out my thoughts onto paper.  Sometime in the mid-90's I discover that there is some greatness of music emerging on the airwaves. Something creatively is exploding on the radio and in my writing. Another friend passes away and it hits me hard. My writing becomes dark and complicated while there are hints of brightness and humor intertwined. As I grow - and more experiences and life and death come into my life, my writing becomes scarce and sporadic. Now it comes in waves and urges and inspiration. The music in my life is pretty much the same as it was back in the day.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

wow what a week this certainly is

Not only do I have tickets for Soundgarden at will call at Mohegan Sun but now I am the proud possessor of tickets to see Blind Melon at the Hiro Ballroom in July for the same week. Oh my. I pretty much fell out of my chair when I realised this could be a reality. I am so giddy with anticipation of seeing the two bands that I dearly love and who's music got me through high school. Swoon.

Friday, May 13, 2011

yesterday's post...

...disappeared. Although the blogger says it will return, if it doesn't I guess I'll just have to retype it or something. I've been jittery and antsy all morning and into the early part of this afternoon. I had thoughts come and go...I wrote this before on the computer while I was waiting for my dashboard to re-appear.
Mothers are Cool- Especially Mine
When I think about it, my mom has always been a very supportive and open person. I have always been able to choose the way my life is.  She always has made an effort to be at any type of performance that I have been apart of.   She sometimes has trouble listening to me but then again I do the same with her so I guess its fair game. She’s loud when I'm really not- well that depends now that I think of it.  I’m more of an introverted person and she’s obviously extroverted.  When people talk about how they don’t like their mothers because of certain things, I realize that I don’t really feel that way- my mom is an awesome person. She gets on my nerves at times but I’m sure I do the same. She always speaks up for herself and tells her opinion even if it’s not ‘mainstream’. That is an incredible quality. She and I have the same music tastes, which I think is very cool.  I’ve always thought about how neat it’s been that even when I’m young I go to some incredible concerts.  We know how to push each other’s buttons very well, but that’s all right.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meeting new friends while Interpol comes to Lupos on May 7th

To keep up with our rock star status, me and the mister got ready to head out to another show.  Me and the mister had a lazy lounging day while the kiddlets had already left for the weekend.  There was a torrential thunderstorm right before it was time for us to head out.  Yet as we hopped southbound on the highway, the sun made an appearance in full force and luckily it stopped pouring.  We have had a knack for finding parking garages right near where we need to be for shows lately.  We parked and waited outside the club for the doors to open.  The line wasn't too crowded while sun shone down on us- and I stood there in my raincoat which I meant to leave in the car.  When the doors finally opened and we headed in, most of the front row was taken but the side of the stage in the front was still open.  I made sure that I wasn't gonna be obstructed from seeing anything so not to miss out on any part of the show, as it did not we staked our spot there.  As people filtered in and filled up the club, the mister and I rotated between on another to get drinks and make bathroom trips so not to lose our place.  While I was standing around waiting for him to get back, I admired and commented on the girl behind us cool tattooed sleeves.  The guy with her mentioned they had seen the show the night before there and that the sound isn't too too loud when I mentioned that once again I had flaked about ear plugs.  I said how I was still attempting to get my hearing back from the show that we had seen a few nights before.  They asked who we had seen, I said a band you've probably never heard of, Awol Nation...they said they saw them the month before at the Ruins- at the same show we were at! Infact they were standing behind us at that show as well!! Small world I tell you.  Funny how that happens.  The opening band was one I had never heard of but were really good. A 3 piece band with a lady singer/guitar player.  The mister said her sound kind of reminded him of the Sunday's lead singer and I see what he means.  Then there was a break between them and we watched the roadies get the stage ready for Interpol.  They rocked the house!  Such a great set of amazing tunes. We were right in front of the guitar player and the lead singer wasn't too far from us.  Once again another band who's raw talent completely blows me away.  The mister was mystifyed by the incredible bass player.  I always love a band plays my favorite song, it made the night complete. Interpol left and came back out for an encore of a few songs and then were done. When we were leaving, the 2 people we met were like we should hang out some time- I was like well we're kidless for the evening, let's go now.  So went to another place down the street for drinks, conversations and a grand time hanging out. We know that we have good music in common and we all 4 it it off!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A concerting we shall go...

Yesterday I counted down the morning and afternoon to get pre-sale tickets for Soundgarden in July at Mohegan Sun & got them!!! Then in September we shall also attend Rib Fest in Indy to see Blind Melon!!! Oh my, such good music - that keeps me going when things seem a little bleak.  I am so super stoked! Oh my goodness!!! YAY!

Monday, May 9, 2011

AwolNation graces Boston with a show on the eve of Cinco de Mayo

We got out of the house much later than I wanted.  We had to wait for my mom to get back from her appointment before we could leave so she could take the kids while we dashed in the car to head out.  Not that travelling into Boston on a Wednesday night should be that bad, it's just with construction, the 95/93 split and the congestion of life I wanted to have been out of the house much earlier than we did and of course we hit all of the above on the way in.  The doors open at 8 so I wanted to be there about 7 to have plenty of time-  of course that didn't go as planned. Someone I know, his brother works at the radio station which happened to be hosting the show, got us (along with 2 guests) on the list! So we had coupons for a cheap parking garage but with us running so late we couldn't seem to find it so we just had to settle with whatever one was closest after we had already driven once completely around the block and started heading in the opposite direction. So we circled back around and parked and rushed to the club. I called my bestie who was meeting us there that we were on our way because she said we better hurry that it was full & filling up quicker than expected, as they had overbooked.  A couple weeks before, the show was supposed to be at another place, still in Boston, but for some reason something happened and it got bumped from there and relocated.  Ironically the same place where I had my high school reunion. So we rushed down the block and got in the doors.  We then still had a bit of a wait before we were allowed to go upstairs but at least we were inside and right near the stairs where we were headed. We anxiously awaited being able to head up. The three of us went up and I decided we should be on the left side of the stage- the mister was thinking we should be in the middle, but I wanted the left as that's where I saw CT's guitar sitting perched in it's stand.  Once again we didn't get any ear plugs- what is with me and not thinking about this. My poor ears. This time though we didn't use anything, I thought oh it can't be any louder than it was at the Ruins (I learned to find out later that it was).  We stood around and my friend put her earplugs in, she was a smart girl for bringing them, BUT she put them in way before the band took the stage so we couldn't hear a word she was saying.  Although she thought she was loud, in her head it probably sounded louder than it is but it was like she was whispering and with everyone else around us I could only hear snippets of her conversations- the mister said it was the same way with him and he was standing even closer. We stood around for a very long time as there was no opening band.  We stood around for at least another hour. The poor roadie who sound checks and makes sure every one's instruments are tuned had to do it twice! The DJ from the radio station came out eventually and we noticed the band members over near the sound booth. I snapped a couple good pictures of them getting ready over on the side.  Finally Awol Nation hit the stage! They opened with some cool instrumental stuff and then got right into their set. This was Awol's first trip to Boston.  The girl standing next to me made me have total camera envy and I didn't feel so bad having my flash be on - considering her camera and flash were twice the size of mine.  My camera was having serious focusing issues, more so than usual which was frustrating but I will still able to take a lot.  Awol Nation is a band with intense energy and emotion.  They got the crowd worked up- and with alcohol involved there were some drunk dumb big guys behind us that started a mosh pit. Is it just me, but who moshes to Awol Nation?! So they were really getting into it and bumping/knocking the people in front of them and us small girls in the front really wanted to have no part of it. Myself and the other bunch of us in the front kept getting closer and closer to the stage where I was pretty much almost on top of CT & his amp. I was inches away from CT- my thoughts were "don't mess up his playing, wow I'm REALLY close." We smirked at one another & we both did this eyebrow raise thing, it was a funny exchange of facial expressions. The girl next to me had her earplugs knocked out- she was knocked into so hard that we all watched it bounce out. She was pretty pissed and saw it bounce on the stage. It landed next to CT's foot, we both had seen it & we both shrugged our shoulders. The lead singer made a comment that those guys needed to be protectors of the pit- especially for those people who want nothing to do with the pit- pointing to our row.  Think about it, there's some people who just want to have just as good a time but without the moshing. It seemed like this set was a lot shorter than the last but I think it's just because we were waiting around for so long.  When I think about how many songs they played it was a good amount and they jammed out for a while. Maybe I just wanted them to play for as long as they can.  They finished up their set. We hung around hoping to see the band & hang out with them again.  I brought a picture I had printed out from home to have the guys sign.  We caught the keyboard player as we noticed him going back to get his laptop off the stage.  I asked where they were hiding & if they were planning on coming back inside. He said everyone was just washing up and would be near the merch table. We then found the drummer as he was loading up his equipment.  Then eventually the bass player came back & I asked if he would sign the picture too- he was like I don't have a pen, I said not to fear I try to always come prepared and had my sharpie in hand.  A while went by & still no sign of the lead singer or CT.  I asked the bass player where they might be, especially CT. He was like "he's been doing this a LONG time, he went to shower & probably went to bed- we are all really tired & honestly I think if he's tired, he'd just go to bed." Well I guess. I told him and I was not pleased and we both laughed. We stood around talking for a while. I had had a bit to drink and my drunken ramblings about everything still kept him entertained to listen. I told him it felt surreal watching them play at the same place as my high school reunion & both agreed that it was a strange place for a band to play.  Some more time went by, and eventually me, the mister & my bestie J went to the bar downstairs because the selection of booze was better. As I was hanging near the bar, J said don't look now but the lead singer had graced his presence back to the club.  I tapped him and thanked him for a great show & said how we had met at the Providence show & would he mind signing something that we could bring back for our son who couldn't grace us tonight since he's underage.  He wrote a sweet little message to the boy-o saying "we missed you tonight buddy, see you at the next show." I thought it was very kind of him to do so. We took some more pictures and all hung out for a bit before heading out.