Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday escapades

So my actual birthday was nice & relaxing. We had dinner & the kids & my mom got me a cake. Very tame and calm which is just fine.  Then the next day, Saturday, me and the little lady went to the annual school Spring Fair where she tried to win a cake in the cake walk, got her face painted, was made a balloon creation by a clown since she so patiently waited, rode a pony, and she planted a flower.  The sun finally was out after days of gloomy rainyness which was fantastic.  The little lady and I spent the rest of the day planting flowers and playing outside in the yard.  Eventually the mister and the little man returned home from a day of tree work.  The the kiddos went off with my mom while we got ready to head out.  Our plan at first was to just meet our friends (the couple who we met at the Interpol show) out and about but then they suggested we meet them at his apartment for drinks and karaoke along with some of their other friends.  This sounded like a grand idea to me.  I have never been one to say no to drunk karaoke. So we gassed up the Jeep and headed into the Hill of Providence.  His apartment is a gorgeous spacious old mill building- very cool.  After 3 glasses of wine and a few songs in, somehow it was thought that we should all do a shot of cherry brandy. Let me tell you that this was a horrible idea.  I'm pretty sure each one of us gagged. Blech!  After that we walked to the bar that was about a block away. Buzzed and blurry, I somehow managed to suck down my next drink which was pretty much all booze.  We drank until the lights went up, which was just that one drink. We decided to move on and needed to head back to his apartment to drive to the next place. Me and the mister hopped in the car with the 2 of them while the rest of the group headed off in the other car.  We parked the car & got out to discover the best find of the night- Poco Loco, Best Damn Taco Truck in Town! I seriously think it was the best soft chicken taco I have ever had in my life!  We enjoyed our tacos and some laughs and then entered the bar.  I had some sort of concoction drink- I cannot recall what it was but at the time it was buzz in a cup, I was feeling it by then.  Some of the group headed out and the four of us remained there.  At this point of the evening I was pretty much a drunken mess but still standing so I count that as a plus.  There was a tension between the two of them- tears and talk about something and I vaguely remember giving advice which is never good when you're as drunk as I was. Funny now, but probably not at the time. She just wanted to go home.  So we rushed to the car and the four us headed back- it was a tense ride. We said our goodbyes and headed home. I prayed to the porcelain gods and then passed out (I then found out the next day that sadly our friends broke up, I hope that they can still remain a friendship).


  1. That is so sad that they broke up, especially after you all JUST met and had a COUPLE to hang out with. :( Sorry you got sick, that part SUCKS! Otherwise, sounds like you had a great time and a magnificent taco! Haha!

  2. I love reading about your life! So intresting and real!