Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meeting new friends while Interpol comes to Lupos on May 7th

To keep up with our rock star status, me and the mister got ready to head out to another show.  Me and the mister had a lazy lounging day while the kiddlets had already left for the weekend.  There was a torrential thunderstorm right before it was time for us to head out.  Yet as we hopped southbound on the highway, the sun made an appearance in full force and luckily it stopped pouring.  We have had a knack for finding parking garages right near where we need to be for shows lately.  We parked and waited outside the club for the doors to open.  The line wasn't too crowded while sun shone down on us- and I stood there in my raincoat which I meant to leave in the car.  When the doors finally opened and we headed in, most of the front row was taken but the side of the stage in the front was still open.  I made sure that I wasn't gonna be obstructed from seeing anything so not to miss out on any part of the show, as it did not we staked our spot there.  As people filtered in and filled up the club, the mister and I rotated between on another to get drinks and make bathroom trips so not to lose our place.  While I was standing around waiting for him to get back, I admired and commented on the girl behind us cool tattooed sleeves.  The guy with her mentioned they had seen the show the night before there and that the sound isn't too too loud when I mentioned that once again I had flaked about ear plugs.  I said how I was still attempting to get my hearing back from the show that we had seen a few nights before.  They asked who we had seen, I said a band you've probably never heard of, Awol Nation...they said they saw them the month before at the Ruins- at the same show we were at! Infact they were standing behind us at that show as well!! Small world I tell you.  Funny how that happens.  The opening band was one I had never heard of but were really good. A 3 piece band with a lady singer/guitar player.  The mister said her sound kind of reminded him of the Sunday's lead singer and I see what he means.  Then there was a break between them and we watched the roadies get the stage ready for Interpol.  They rocked the house!  Such a great set of amazing tunes. We were right in front of the guitar player and the lead singer wasn't too far from us.  Once again another band who's raw talent completely blows me away.  The mister was mystifyed by the incredible bass player.  I always love a band plays my favorite song, it made the night complete. Interpol left and came back out for an encore of a few songs and then were done. When we were leaving, the 2 people we met were like we should hang out some time- I was like well we're kidless for the evening, let's go now.  So went to another place down the street for drinks, conversations and a grand time hanging out. We know that we have good music in common and we all 4 it it off!

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