Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mohegan Sun Soundgarden show- July 6 2011

The mister & I wanted to make sure that we didn't get in traffic and also we weren't completely positive where we were going.  We left with more than enough time to travel to Connecticut.  The traffic actually wasn't too too bad and flowed pretty easily and he & I pulled into the parking lot with plenty of time to spare.  The mister & I entered in through some hallways & past the casino and onward following the signs toward the arena area.  Since we're fan club members, we had our tickets waiting for us at a designated box office window which I excitedly went up to. In my hand was our tickets and our purple Soundgarden bracelets.  We happily hopped into the fan club line- we both said how cool it was to be special and be able to have privileges & get in early.  Honestly there was really no reason that we needed to be there so early but just because we could was part of why we did.  We got to our seats & sorta settled in to try to see where we were gonna be. Honestly I was a bit disappointed with our seats, actually to be truthful when I got the envelope from will call and opened it I was pissed. I mean come on, I ordered our tickets the minute they went on pre-sale here on thefanclub site and we get side section 15 row Q - 17 rows off the floor. I thought for sure we would be on the floor.
But I got over it & the mister & I went to get drinks (I got this tasty Malibu drink that I was amazed came out of a tap) and got something to eat.
We watched the sound/stage people setting up for the opening band- Coheed & Cambria. Neither of us really cared about them opening but that is why it was nice that we had seats and could just hang out until Soundgarden hit the stage.
The crowd went wild when the guys came on the stage at 8:45!!

The sound was all over the place.  I'm assuming that it was the soundboard guys' fault.  One minute they sounded just right, then they would be loud, then not loud enough, then too much bass and drums.
The set list was amazing. I couldn't believe that a song about an Indian reservation (4th of July) was actually played on an Indian reservation.  Before they played Burden, it sounded like Chris started playing Head Down, which was a total tease. But they were heavy as hell, and really played to the what they wanted to. Chris said they'd be back around with new material and stuff they didn't get to play this time around. I will surely be there. I love when Chris was introducing the band everyone applauded & then Ben took the mic & said "And this is Christopher!"  At one point Chris told everyone to stand up- he then told the crowd how he told someone at another show to stand up & then realized they were in a wheelchair & he felt like an asshole & for people who can stand & don't are the just assholes. The mister & I turned to each other & said who would want to sit down during a Soundgarden show honestly, it just seems wrong. Also at one point Chris strapped on a guitar he said he had made for him 15 years ago to play with Soundgarden so he was excited to be able to finally use it. 

The backdrops and lighting were amazing! I kept tapping the mister's shoulder & giddily pointing stuff out to him. The sound on the other hand was ridiculously bad off and on- the guys were spectacular despite it. I couldn't believe when the sound dropped out of the giant monitors during Black Hole Sun, it was crazy. Complete silence followed by the expected crowd rumblings. But whatever, it was brief. However, the worst part for me was the screeching feedback coming from Chris' guitar throughout the entire show...and I don't mean the good kind. It was a high-pitched, annoying input jack issue that the sound guys couldn't resolve. They all seemed visibly angered by the crappy sound mix. Being where we were, I could see them backstage after the first set, which was preceded by Ben throwing his bass in the air and watching it crash to the floor offstage. It was very 90s and very awesome, but I couldn't tell if he did it out of anger or not. He did throw his arms up in the air a few times. Who can blame them? Mohegan's tickets were expensive, and the least they could do is have a competent sound guy who can handle a 4 piece band.
What an incredibly gracious musician, Chris kept thanking the crowd throughout the show. He said thank you fans for sticking with us and being around even 15 years later. Oh & what an amazing encore. At one point in the encore Chris said "We're just gonna keep playing."

Oh yeah, and the wall of feedback created by Kim, Ben, and Chris (which ended up being just Kim and Ben after Chris waved goodbye) at the end of Slaves made me feel like a teenager again, being young and in the heart of this new musical movement. It was awesome.

Set list from the show:
Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Black Rain
Let Me Drown
Jesus Christ Pose
Blow Up The Outside World
My Wave
The Day I Tried To Live
Ugly Truth
Fell On Black Days
Hunted Down
Rusty Cage
Beyond The Wheel
Burden In My Hand
Black Hole Sun
Room A Thousand Years Wide
Hands All Over
Face Pollution
4th of July
Like Suicide
Slaves & Bulldozers

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