Thursday, October 20, 2011

short story idea, just something I'm working on

Ryan & Kathryn were out & about in town going to see some friend’s concert & they ran into another friend who really resembled Henry Rollins but his name was really Flint. Kathryn kept wanting to call him Henry but knew well that wasn’t his name. The urge came on strong so she had to bite her lip whenever she said his name. They were taking pictures & all of a sudden a couple of her friends that are in a band appeared out of nowhere & jumped in the picture & have their arms around her and Ryan while she is squished in the middle. The guys say their going to record some new tracks at a secret location and will be back in a few minutes, she thinks this a short amount of time but at the same time it doesn’t seem to phase her. Flint hands Kathryn a pack of cigarettes & says he has to go too and waves at Ryan and they both nod their head. He takes off in the opposite direction. The tour bus is just sitting there idling with the door wide open- she turns to Ryan & whispers to him "we should get on." Without any words, they both give a wink and head up the steps onto the bus. They hide out on it way in the back & all of a sudden the door shuts & starts up. It is meticulously clean, like sparkling, not what you would expect from a rock band traveling around. All of a sudden the bus pulls up to a place neither Kathryn nor Ryan recognize & the door opens again so they nod at one another and both decide to get out. So the two of them climb off the bus & start to argue about something insignificant- pretty much yelling at this point when Kathryn sits down on the curb & lights a cigarette. One by one the guys from their friend’s band come out of a side building. The lead singer, bass player & keyboardist all smile & come over & say for to join them on the bus & that makes Kathryn giggle. The lead singer says he has to ask the driver first- he turns & whispers in her ear "I can't promise anything though" Then the drummer comes out & says he missed us at the show- Kathryn turned & said “ah damn I forgot about that.” Then she goes to turn to yell something out at Ryan when the guitarist comes out and looks right at Kathryn. The two both have big smiles on their faces. She blushes & winks at him continuing smoking & walking in between Ryan & him towards the bus. He is smoking a small cigar type thing & hands it to her & says it’s better than what Kathryn has. It tastes smooth & almost clove like- she turns toward him & he says it's tasty just like her. Then he winks & rubs her cheek- blushing & she accidentally drops it. They continue to the bus & all get on.

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