Thursday, April 25, 2013

Strangefolk reunion show in March at the Paradise

As usual I headed into the city via the train to go & see a show. I got all dolled up & headed towards the station & away into go meet up with my melon friend. I didn't really know too much about this band until recently. I am all for going to see & support bands that I am unfamiliar with, it makes it for an even better experience. I got into the city & the wind picked up & the sun started to set as I waited for my friend to show up.  Our meeting spot was insanely crowded yet I found a spot to sit & wait for his arrival & have a bite to eat. He came eventually & found a parking spot close by which is usually hard to go by on a Friday night in the city. We sat & enjoyed a couple of drinks before moseying over to the venue. We got over & found a spot in line right when they were opening the doors. I have been to a LOT of shows at the Paradise yet I've never stood where we ended up going. I am short so I want to be able to make sure to stand somewhere where I am going to be able to see. We passed by the merch table & each got a cd of some live music that I was excited to get my hands on. I had been listening off & on non stop to some archived tunes from previous shows so as to get a feel for it. My friend told me if I liked them before this show, that I would most likely love them after the show. The vibe on the way in as exactly what I needed. And both myself & my friend needed a break from reality, so this was a perfect way to do so. He pointed out to me that he noticed mics on the columns in the middle of the venue near the stage, I was oblivious to it. Slowly I made myself at home by taking my coat & bag off & putting them on the floor. Then off came my sweater. And foolishly I wore uncomfortable boots that kept my feet warm but absolutely were not meant to be stood in for as long as I was, so those came off as well. So all of my stuff was surrounding me on the ground. Strangefolk took the stage & the crowd went wild. The groove felt so good. There was a feeling in the air & I took it all in. I got to see the kind of fan I am at other shows as I sat back & soaked it all in. My friend was standing behind me & every now & then I'd turn around, we both were having such a grand time. I didn't bring a camera with me, the first for me in over five years. At first it felt strange & different but it was nice just completely focusing on the show completely. The jams on most songs lasted at least 5-6 minutes at a minimum, and it was just fantastic. And the lights along with the music was something out of this world. Indescribable honestly. The guys finished their hour long first set & headed off backstage for a break- which ended up being much longer than intended (the guys even made mention of it when they came back out). I had to relayer & put everything back together as it was getting later & I had to head back to the train station. I got to atleast hear a bit of the second set before heading out the door. It was a great time & I'm happy that we both got to see this show.

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