Monday, November 26, 2012

AWOLNATION Texas adventure day 3- House of Blues Dallas

We began the day on the early side so we could get out & on the road as soon as possible. Our morning was graced with some wonderful piano playing (along with us singing). It made for some calm. It was a few hours to get to our next destination but we were ready to set out.  The same 4 from the day before climbed into the car & we began our adventure.  As we were driving along & headed into nowhere Texas, a tiny little town along the way, we stopped at a Subway for something to eat & take a break from driving for a little while. We went in & behind the register there were Frankenweenie bags. I said it was a sign of how epic they day was ahead. We asked if we could each have one...and he let us have them! And then I went over & asked for another (I had an idea for my kids to have Aaron sign them). We enlightened the guy at the counter with AWOL facts after he recognized the shirt that one of us was wearing. Even in the middle of nowhere Texas people recognize it & we got all giddy. We enjoyed our food & then headed out for the rest of our drive.  We listened to & sang along with AWOL for the rest of the ride. With my horse voice, we pulled into Dallas eventually & when we arrived at the venue the first thing we saw was the bus. We went into get something from the gift shop so we could get early admittance in & to scope out the line which was just a couple people. We hopped back in the car & headed over to the hotel that we were staying at & discovered it was only about a block away & that we'd be able to just walk back & forth. We went up into our room & relaxed a bit & then showered & got dolled up for the evening. We got the whole group together & then headed over to hang out for a while in line. When we were getting ready to head in, myself  & another nationer noticed Rock Well & Gibran taking stuff out of their van so we headed over & ended up chit chatting with those guys for a little while. With plenty of time, we got a bite to eat, sharpied our hands & arms & enjoyed our time together.
Eventually it was time to  head downstairs & some of us got yelled at since we were pretty much running to get to the front to be on the rail- which was padded!! After years of shows, I have never been to a show where there was a comfortable padded guardrail. I made my spot over where I have standing lately, close to Dave's side of the stage. The lights went down & Rock Well came out to drop some beats & there was a feeling like no other. We as a group decided that our word for the night was 'spearmint' to use if they asked for his freestyle. He picked our word again! And then the 3rd word he had already used before so we decided to pick another one & I threw out 'orgasm.' He made a comment how it was like I had one & then put that into his rap. It was awesome!! We all got so excited. Then Imagine Dragons came on the stage. Where I was standing it was right in front of the bass drum & Dan kept coming over right in front of me & he pointed & was singing right at me a few times. It was pretty cool. He said he had been having a bad day & then he came out & had us & it changed everything. You could tell there was so emotion & energy that he got back from the audience & he gave it right back. It was an awesome set. And then the wait for Awol was so anticipated. Then the musical intro came on & we went crazy wild.  Every show is just amazing & different & the buzz is just so incredible. Rory was filming & everytime he went past us, we all made it clear we were in the front row. The show was nothing short of amazing. Aaron got up to the edge of the stage during JOMS & then walked over us & surfed in the crowd & then went back on the stage. Then he got back off & went thru the front near the barricade & he high fived/grabbed my fingers as he went by. During All I Need, I got my emotional self, but not as bad & Dave noticed & made a motion of me wiping my tears. When Knights of Shame got to the middle part, Zeale came out & it was incredible. Kenny & Zeale hugged as he was getting off the stage. It was so neat to witness it. The show ended & we all went to get drinks & head back upstairs. The merch table was overcrowded so I was glad that I had gotten what I had wanted the day before. We were hanging out & ran into Dave as it looked like he was getting ready to head out so I wanted to catch him before he did. I showed him my book & he said that it was cool that I make them. He headed out & we all went outside & went over to where the bus was. We plopped ourselves down on the sidewalk where we sat for a very long time. We hung out with Drew for a bit & he told me that the card I got him was first in his bag & then in a spot in his bunk which I thought was cool. We watched many people go on & off the bus while we hung out waiting around. I caught Patti at one point when he was going past us & had him look at my book too since it was on his birthday that my book was from & I thought he might enjoy looking at it. He wanted to sign on the front of the book but as I discovered any ink on the cover tends to wear off quickly. So he found a spot inside it & then he stuck around & chatted with all of us. It was nice that he spent quite a good amount of time with us. We hung with Hayden for a bit. And Kenny, he went past us a few times. He even sat down on the sidewalk with us for a bit. He commented on my voice which at that point was really bad,  he said it sounded like I had been shouting & screaming for 3 days. Which was pretty much true. Dave walked past us & said that he thought Aaron might've done what his nickname was to us since he was who we were waiting for. After a while the guys went past us & didn't even say anything, it was pretty awesome. Zeale, Gibran, &  Rock Well were hanging out with us for a bit too. We weren't leaving until we were the last fans standing (or sitting which is what we really were doing). We finally were & we got Berko to go in & get Aaron to come out & see us. And he eventually did & it was pretty epic. He seemed happy to see us & we were so happy to finally see him. We headed back to the hotel & I started packing up my stuff as I had a very early flight back. I decided to just pull an all nighter & just crashed on the plane. It was an amazing end to an incredible weekend.

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