Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April showers are supposed to bring in May flowers.

 Is it irony that it barely rained in April and that the first day of May is raining? I've slacked with this writing. Like more so than ever. Mundanes and chaos tends to make a lack of inspiration. I figured I would attempt to get back into the rhythm of a pattern of keeping up more often...infact I am determined to sit down everyday & post something, even if it's short & sweet. This gloomy, dreary day won't bring me down. My favoritist band announced plans of touring this summer to celebrate their 20th anniversary of their debut album- how it is that 2 decades have come & gone blows me away. And I've got less than a week to my next Awol show- although this time will be different since CT is on hiatus getting ready & prepping for the celebration this summer. It'll be something seeing them without him, although the guitarist filling in has a lot of history with the guys. Plus it wasn't just because of Christopher that I fell in love with this band- their genuine kindness and amazing talent what do it for me. It's bittersweet seeing the success hit them, I'm very happy for it but I'll miss those beginning times when there were only like 30 people in the crowd. I won't deny that it might be strange at first seeing them with this "new" guitarist and in my mind it might feel like someone's missing. But I'm going in with an open ear & excited to hang out with my friends who I get to see & rock out at the show. And then a couple weeks after that the mister & I will venture to NY to go see Primus & celebrate my 35th birthday....

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